The Last Post: Social Media Philanthropy

So here it is, without warning, the last post on Social Media Philanthropy. For 3 years now (since I started True Voice Media) I’ve tried to figure out how this blog fits. Trying to maintain this blog AND the company blog (in addition to all of my other sites and properties) is proving to be too much. […]

Conversations #7: Jamie Goddard – How to be an Intrapreneuer

Jamie Goddard is a fascinating individual. Part Entrepreneur / Part Intrapreneur, he simultaneously runs his own company, and works for GlaxoSmithKline. I’ve always been fascinated by people who can work effectively inside of a company, especially because I have so much difficulty in scenarios where I’m not the boss. Jamie set aside some time to […]

Facebook decreases organic page reach…here’s the opportunity

Recently, it came out that Facebook plans to decrease the organic reach of Facebook pages in an effort to boost ad revenue.  They say it’s to improve the experience in the newsfeed, but let’s not kid ourselves, this is about ad revenue. Even though a brand may have spent hundreds or thousands of dollars to acquire […]

We will be back in a moment…

You may or may not have noticed that this blog has been less active than normal. While I am committed to having this blog stay active and consistent, I just haven’t been able to keep up lately. Here’s the bad news: Aside from client work and closing out the year for the agency, I’m currently overextended […]

3 Reasons I Changed My Tune About Spotify Premium

One of the most popular posts on this blog is one that I wrote about Spotify called “3 Reasons Why I Cancelled my Spotify Premium after the Trial Period.”  That was written in October 2011 and to this day remains the most visited post on the blog.  2 years later I’d like to change my […]

A Simplified Guide to Social Media Measurement.

Of the 5 main activities of Social Media, measurement is perhaps the least understood and most widely overlooked. Measuring your social media efforts is the only real way to determine what is working to drive real business value. Today, my friends, I bestow upon you a gift: a social media dashboard template for Google Analytics. […]