Google + Social = “I got this covered”

Theres been so much talk of google “not getting it” with regards to social.  Let me take a moment to explain why. Google is a search company that makes money from Ad revenue. The whole reason google exists (and thrives) is by getting people to use google search more than any other search engine.  They make […]

Contrary to Popular Belief: Social Media is NOT free

“Oh well, the good thing about Social Media is that it’s free.” “One other benefit is that this Social Media stuff doesn’t cost anything.” How long do you think I had to wait, working in Social Media, to hear stuff like this?  I don’t remember exactly but it wasn’t more than a few days.  People often […]

Social Media B2B: To Tweet Or Not To Tweet

What’s the big deal about #Twitter? First of all, Twitter might be my favorite thing on the internet.  It’s part news, part entertainment, part communications all built on a real time firehose of information. 140 characters doesn’t give a lot of space to convey much important information.  You might ask is it really enough to […]

Open Source this idea: Environmentally-friendly K-Cups…GO!

I love convenience.  I really do.  I buy things that are more expensive just so that I don’t have to: wait, walk, do anything, etc.  So obviously I love the idea of Keurig coffee system.  However, there’s one HUGE drawback: I can’t drink a cup of coffee without feeling guilty.  The little K-cups, while very […]