You’ll succeed with Social Media, when you learn to let go.

One of the things I’ve noticed as I use Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other social media sites, is that the less emotionally involved I am with the platform, the more effective I become.  I’ve said for several years now that in order to be successful on Twitter, you must stop thinking about Twitter. To me, […]

The 3 most important things I learned at the 140 conference NYC

I had such a good time at the NYC 140 conference.  Most of you reading this didn’t get the chance to come out to this amazing event.  In fact, if it weren’t for a real-time contest by the event organizer and host Jeff Pulver (@jeffpulver) I never would’ve been able to be at this event […]

Contrary to Popular Belief: Social Media is NOT free

“Oh well, the good thing about Social Media is that it’s free.” “One other benefit is that this Social Media stuff doesn’t cost anything.” How long do you think I had to wait, working in Social Media, to hear stuff like this?  I don’t remember exactly but it wasn’t more than a few days.  People often […]

Twitter is just mindless drivel

Twitter is just mindless drivel. Noise. Chaos. Or at least that’s what Debbie Downer over there would have you believe.  OK, I’ll play along. No one cares where you are checking in on Foursquare. No one cares if you like Starbucks’ new coffee. No one cares if you like the Phillies and hate the Yankees. […]

How Professional Sports Teams Can Use Social Media: Twitter

This week on Social Media Philanthropy, I want to talk about a topic that I don’t necessarily have answers for: How can Professional Sports Teams use Social Media?  I’m going to throw out some ideas but I’d like some comments and hear your thoughts on the subject. One difficulty for me in this scenario is […]

Social Media B2B: To Tweet Or Not To Tweet

What’s the big deal about #Twitter? First of all, Twitter might be my favorite thing on the internet.  It’s part news, part entertainment, part communications all built on a real time firehose of information. 140 characters doesn’t give a lot of space to convey much important information.  You might ask is it really enough to […]

A Social Media Legend moves on: Goodbye to Frank Eliason of @comcastcares

Goodbye Frank, Though I never spoke to you personally I got to feel the impact that your presence made. I remember asking a question about DirectTV’s Sunday ticket on Twitter and immediately hearing a response from @comcastbonnie. I’ll never forget thinking, “wow, isn’t that clever…and convenient, whoever thought of this is brilliant.” I missed seeing […]