Do I still need a website, or is a Facebook Page enough?

I get asked this question all of the time and the answer is: YES!  ABSOLUTELY YES!  EMPHATICALLY, UNEQUIVOCALLY YES, YOU SHOULD HAVE A WEBSITE! For the sake of what I know about anything it is this, DO NOT trust your brand or business with ANY social network.  Should you use social media, social tools and […]

The Art of Pinterest Marketing

Pinterest is the hot “new” thing.  For a while I wasn’t sold on the idea because–for some strange unexplainable reason–I was loyal to Delicious.  Once Delicious was purchased away from Yahoo, I thought the service would have new life.  It did, for a while, and then they blew it.  When Delicious relaunched it had a […]

Why you aren’t making money from Pinterest.

Pinterest is the hottest topic in social media discussions these days.  Much like the last “next big thing,” these conversations focus on the site itself; how much traffic it is getting, how much time on site it is drawing and how much traffic it will bring you.  Focusing on these metrics gets everyone in a […]

In defense of Google+

Is there a more asinine argument than who will “win” the social networking war?  Social Media is NOT “winner take all.” These conversations about Facebook dominating Google+ or how much more important Pinterest is than Google+ are ridiculous. These conversations revolve around several metrics that are used to define value: Time on Site and Unique Visitors. Those […]