How does it feel when you Google yourself?

When I Google myself, it feels great! Sounds dirty doesn’t it? If you can get your mind out of the gutter for a moment I’d like to make a small case for why you should participate in social media. Google Me If you Google “Jeff Gibbard” you will find pages upon pages of results.  I […]

Social Media: Participate in the conversation

What are we doing? Seriously; what is the point of all this social media?  Are these just platforms for us to bicker over partisan politics?  Is this just a platform to push “Get more Followers” services, “work from home,” “get rich quick”, “acai berry diet nonsense?”   Though these platforms are amazingly powerful they are surprisingly easy […]

Social Media B2B: To Tweet Or Not To Tweet

What’s the big deal about #Twitter? First of all, Twitter might be my favorite thing on the internet.  It’s part news, part entertainment, part communications all built on a real time firehose of information. 140 characters doesn’t give a lot of space to convey much important information.  You might ask is it really enough to […]