Verizon, Google and Net Neutrality – In Plain English

You’re wondering what the Google and Verizon agreement means to you.  You might not know what net neutrality is so let’s break it down simply: Net Neutrality allowed Google to be born. Net Neutrality allowed Twitter to be born. Net Neutrality allowed virtually every site you now know and love to exist.  Network Neutrality is […]

Dear Google, re: Net Neutrality

This used to be Google’s stance on Net Neutrality: Net Neutrality.  I’ve read today that Google and Verizon are in talks, and are close to reaching a deal that would ensure Google’s websites would be given premium delivery, in essence preferential treatment.  This is entirely counter to Google’s original stance AND at the same time a […]

McCain Wants to Block FCC’s Net Neutrality Rules

Just so everyone knows. McCain can say that this is about whatever he wants but ultimately it’s about having companies like Time Warner, Comcast, and AT&T make more money and hold control over the internet. Our government may not get everything right, but I personally trust them to keep the internet a more even playing […]