Will this phone call increase my Klout score?

It’s time to address a problem that is rapidly growing out of control: The Klout Problem Recently, I’ve been seeing more and more articles talking about Klout. ¬†People exclaiming how important it is, how it is bringing efficiency to PR and other professions, how you should be REALLY concerned. ¬†These Kloutheads make the claim that […]

My goals for this blog

Yesterday I wrote, my first blog post. ¬†Today I want to tell you about my goals for this blog in 2011. If you read my post from yesterday you know why I write this blog. ¬†This post is about the measurable goals I have to determine how successful my blog is. ¬†Again, none of these […]

Social Media Warning Labels: It’s not “just another channel…”

Numerous skeptics and cynics want to reduce Social Media sites to “just another channel.” ¬†They will say things like”don’t buy into the hype,” “it’s no big deal” and “it’s just a passing fad.” I’ll agree with “don’t buy into the hype.” ¬†Forget the hype. ¬†Sit down and think about how social media is different. Understand […]