Will this phone call increase my Klout score?

It’s time to address a problem that is rapidly growing out of control: The Klout Problem Recently, I’ve been seeing more and more articles talking about Klout.  People exclaiming how important it is, how it is bringing efficiency to PR and other professions, how you should be REALLY concerned.  These Kloutheads make the claim that […]

My goals for this blog

Yesterday I wrote, my first blog post.  Today I want to tell you about my goals for this blog in 2011. If you read my post from yesterday you know why I write this blog.  This post is about the measurable goals I have to determine how successful my blog is.  Again, none of these […]

Social Media Warning Labels: It’s not “just another channel…”

Numerous skeptics and cynics want to reduce Social Media sites to “just another channel.”  They will say things like”don’t buy into the hype,” “it’s no big deal” and “it’s just a passing fad.” I’ll agree with “don’t buy into the hype.”  Forget the hype.  Sit down and think about how social media is different. Understand […]