The LinkedIn IPO and the Social Media State of the Union

The LinkedIn IPO has brought new attention to the subject of profitability among social media sites, and how to appropriately set the value a company. My fellow social media heads, I think it is time we look at the state of our fair industry.  We have made great progress over these last 8 years, some […]

Do you even know your community?

Just because Social Media is HOT right now, doesn’t mean that you need to do anything and everything.  It doesn’t mean you need to jump into the deep end without your floaties. Where is my audience? The first thing you should probably do, is find your audience.  Your audience is your target market, the people […]

The Power to Spread Awareness, The Smarts to be Accessible

Social Media is many things A way to connect people without the constraints of location or time. A tool for discovering new people with similar interests An overused buzz word  <—guilty as charged, I used it daily. Companies and individuals are still figuring out how to use these tools.  We’re all still isolating the value. […]

My New Year’s Resolutions 2011 – The year of JGibbard

My Focus I will continue my focus on helping people and being generous with ideas and information.  I will not apologize for promoting myself more heavily this year; I work really hard to provide something valuable. My themes for 2011 will continue along a similar path as 2010: Helping businesses become more social Listening, content […]

The 15 Most Important Resources for Social Media Professionals

I’ve been off the blogosphere this week due to a nasty battle with some form of the flu. So since I’m just getting myself back into the flow of things I thought I do a post highlighting other people’s work. Here you have it, the 15 most important resources for Social Media professionals: How To […]

Why you should complete your LinkedIn profile

If you think about what social media has given us the capability to do, it’s astounding, at least I think so.  Never before have generations of people been able to keep in touch with so many people from their past and present, and with this degree of ease.  My parents saw this with the birth of email […]