Imagine a unified Google!

So the dust has settled from Google i/o and every seems to be very impressed.  There’s a new tablet and a new Android OS and even teasers for the new Google Glasses.  Everything looks awesome…but there’s still one thing I want more than anything else. Google…Unified Here’s what I want: Click on the picture to […]

In defense of Google+

Is there a more asinine argument than who will “win” the social networking war?  Social Media is NOT “winner take all.” These conversations about Facebook dominating Google+ or how much more important Pinterest is than Google+ are ridiculous. These conversations revolve around several metrics that are used to define value: Time on Site and Unique Visitors. Those […]

Social Media: “It’s just a channel”

Today’s post is a reaction to the following video. The F-18 is “just a mode of transportation” The phrase “is just a…” bothers me when used to talk Social Media as a concept.  It’s like saying “Ferran Adrià is is just a cook,” “the iPhone is just a phone,” “the Kindle is just a book” […]

Ideas for how Twitter can make money

I’ll admit, even with the introduction of Google’s fabulous new social network, Twitter is still my favorite.  I love the simplicity, I love the openness,  I love so many things about it and  I want Twitter to be around for a very, very long time.  Because I want Twitter to stick around, I often worry […]

What social media blog posts can teach us about social media

I am the President of True Voice Media, a Social Media Agency in Philadelphia.  I work in social media.  I associate with other social media professionals on Twitter, Google+, Facebook and other networks.  I’m a member of Social Media Club Philadelphia.  I blog about social media, I speak about social media.  I spend a lot […]

Google+ and why social is actually an engineering problem after all

Paul Adams and Google’s Engineering Culture In spite of Google+’s relative success, there is still a good deal of negativity about Google and social.  Many people claim Google can’t understand social because they are engineers, I think most of them work at GigaOM. Paul Adams, former Google employee, creator of the circles concept and current […]

Facebook is hiring designers!!

Calling all designers!!! Ok I lied, I have no idea what sort of positions are open at Facebook but I can tell you this, they need designers.  Not developers, but designers.  Look at this screenshot.  No seriously, click on it and look at it.  Someone at Facebook, in fact, probably many someones allowed this page […]