How to get the best Facebook privacy settings

There are hundreds of posts about how to optimize your Facebook privacy settings.  Every single day there are stories about people sharing something they didn’t intend to. This post is going to provide the absolute BEST possible advice about how to ensure that you maintain your privacy on Facebook.

Here’s why we decided to stop wasting our time on Facebook.

We’re constantly assessing the impact our of various marketing channels. One thing has become painfully clear…Facebook is not worth the time and effort. Today I’m going to tell you why we decided to stop wasting time on Facebook. Profile vs Page To start, I have to be clear that my Facebook profile is great.  Though […]

Facebook Advertising 101: Reaching the right people out of a billion

You may have heard of  that big social network Facebook. Well recently Facebook went public and with that began working hard to bring in revenue. How did they do it?  Advertising…obviously. Advertising is a marketing tactic that allows brands to pay for visibility in front of an audience. On the web, advertising is more measurable and more easily targeted  […]

You’ll succeed with Social Media, when you learn to let go.

One of the things I’ve noticed as I use Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other social media sites, is that the less emotionally involved I am with the platform, the more effective I become.  I’ve said for several years now that in order to be successful on Twitter, you must stop thinking about Twitter. To me, […]

The problem is EdgeRank – in a way Mark Cuban is right

It’s no secret that I don’t always like Facebook.  A lesser known fact is that I’m not a huge fan of Mark Cuban either.  He’s loud and abrasive, and I just generally find him to be an annoying person. Recently, Cuban went to town on Facebook claiming that the company is intentionally messing with the News Feed […]

Do I still need a website, or is a Facebook Page enough?

I get asked this question all of the time and the answer is: YES!  ABSOLUTELY YES!  EMPHATICALLY, UNEQUIVOCALLY YES, YOU SHOULD HAVE A WEBSITE! For the sake of what I know about anything it is this, DO NOT trust your brand or business with ANY social network.  Should you use social media, social tools and […]