Open and connected: Why Facebook should eat its own dog food

      The recent Facebook email SNAFU highlights an ongoing problem at Facebook; they are not eating their own dog food. Facebook holds itself out as making the world more “open and connected,” yet Facebook often makes changes that drastically affect its users without the slightest bit of open communication.  If Facebook were really […]

Social Media: “It’s just a channel”

Today’s post is a reaction to the following video. The F-18 is “just a mode of transportation” The phrase “is just a…” bothers me when used to talk Social Media as a concept.  It’s like saying “Ferran Adrià is is just a cook,” “the iPhone is just a phone,” “the Kindle is just a book” […]

If you want to win in business, answer the phone.

Voicemail systems will never bring you a dollar of new business.  That’s truth.  Maybe there is someone out there that can provide data to disprove this.  I’m not interested.  What I am interested in, is the shift in business practices away from automation, and towards humanization. When I have a problem, I want a solution […]

How Public Relations has changed because of Social Media

Admittedly, I’m a Social Media guy, not a Public Relations guy.  I have about 10 months worth of experience at a PR agency working exclusively on Social Media engagements.  During that time however, I learned an awful lot, and since then I’ve found myself having conversations with the “new breed” of upcoming PR pros. There […]

New Marketing vs Old Marketing

Pull, Entice, Enrich I spent a good portion of the past two days working with clients to use Social Media channels to meet the customers where they already are to provide value and generosity.  This could be Twitter, Facebook, email, Youtube, LinkedIn, to name a few.  I work with organizations to show them how to […]

Delicious is about more than just bookmarks…

Delicious (formerly is being shut down by Yahoo and with it the Social Media world loses one of its originals.  We lose the birth of tagging as a means for organizing data.  We lose a wealth of crowdsourced data.  We lose one of the first, most successful and most popular human powered search engines. […]

Don’t Read This Post Unless You Want to Find a Job or Help Others

Social and (Job) Search(ing) Many of you have seen my post:  How to: Find a job using RSS Feed.  It’s available in a video walkthrough and originally as a text blog post. I feel that is one of the best posts I’ve ever put together because the value was clear; I want to help people […]