3 reasons why storytelling is your best marketing

Marketing and advertising are not synonymous terms.  Advertising is a subset of techniques that fall under the category of marketing. However in virtually all cases, marketing is synonymous with storytelling. In some cases it is telling the story of a product or service, but in its best form, it’s telling the customer a story about […]

Why Social Media is ALOT like Cooking

I used to have a Personal Chef service in Philadelphia called Roux: In-Home Fine Dining. It’s a little known fact because it was a failure. My failure as a personal chef was not due to my inability to cook; it was due to my lack of business education, which I have since corrected (thanks Drexel).  Over my […]

If you want to win in business, answer the phone.

Voicemail systems will never bring you a dollar of new business.  That’s truth.  Maybe there is someone out there that can provide data to disprove this.  I’m not interested.  What I am interested in, is the shift in business practices away from automation, and towards humanization. When I have a problem, I want a solution […]

Cash-only, no social media and other tales from behind the times

It’s 2011 That’s right folks, 2,011 years since 0.  Over the course of that time, mankind has created incredible things, from the printing press and steam engine, to touch screen smart phones with GPS functionality.  Incredible!  Enlightened!  And yet, there are still those among us who walk in the footsteps of the past.  They look […]

How Public Relations has changed because of Social Media

Admittedly, I’m a Social Media guy, not a Public Relations guy.  I have about 10 months worth of experience at a PR agency working exclusively on Social Media engagements.  During that time however, I learned an awful lot, and since then I’ve found myself having conversations with the “new breed” of upcoming PR pros. There […]

Influencers vs Marketing Budgets

In today’s world of business the importance of what you say about your own company is not nearly as important as what your customers are saying about your business.  Companies used to have the freedom to carefully craft a brand through the size of their marketing budget and the creativity of their team; advertising “worked.”Now it’s […]

Baseball teams and business teams, more similar than different

This past weekend, pitchers and catchers started reporting to Spring Training.  I started to think about the makeup of a successful baseball team and how similar it is to crafting a winning team in business. Pitchers are on the mound for a reason. Maybe they have a rising fastball that hitter’s can’t catch up to, or a breaking ball that freezes a […]