Have Goals: Stop Making Engagement Meaningless

There’s a serious problem out there, and it may be getting worse. In all the excitement and hype about social media, people have latched onto certain buzzwords and phrases so much that this “common knowledge” often falls outside the realm of questioning or further examination. Today, let’s look at the hallmark of overused, misunderstood and often […]

Here’s why it’s time to start playing more games at work

Relatively few companies have explored the use of games in business environments.  It’s rare for companies to take gaming seriously as games are often only thought of in the context of “productivity killing” applications like Farmville and Angry Birds. Let’s focus on two reasons why games can work in business: Games make work more fun and […]

Hashtags on Facebook

Facebook is a people-driven activity. You follow what your friends do, what they think, what they listen to, what they watch etc., You know the people appearing in your feed and you often have a real-life connection with the ones you’re communicating with. This is–or at least has been–the nature of the network. On Twitter, […]

Who or what inspires you?

“Content Marketing” is undoubtedly the buzz phrase of 2013; everything is about content now.  In the midst of this push to create content the same resistance, objections, and insecurities keep coming up. “I don’t know what to say” “No one cares what I have to say” “I need to create more content, but I don’t […]

Context can actually change the world, but it likely won’t

*Author’s note: I promise this isn’t just another post about things I don’t like about Facebook.  I think context is a fascinating discussion and I would love it if you read this entire post and provided your thoughts. Sometime in 2010, Facebook introduced the open graph protocol which enabled the construction of new buttons comparable […]