Q&A: To Neal Wiser | Re: Aggregating Weekly Links

Original Question: “Ok, I’m looking for a tool or service that will automatically (or with minimal input) collect links that I’ve clicked into a list that I can then easily convert into a “This Week’s Links” style blog post.” Resources mentioned: IFTTT True Voice Media Learning Center <—All subscribers get this. #soc5 on Twitter

Stop Doing That! A Guide to the Worst Online Behaviors

Yesterday, I spoke at Podcamp East and delivered a presentation about the worst online behaviors.  The talk was targeted to my fellow internet geeks so we could collectively gripe about those obnoxious, ignorant and rude behaviors people do online.  I hope you enjoy. For those that get the email and don’t see an embedded video, […]

Social Media: “It’s just a channel”

Today’s post is a reaction to the following video. The F-18 is “just a mode of transportation” The phrase “is just a…” bothers me when used to talk Social Media as a concept.  It’s like saying “Ferran Adrià is is just a cook,” “the iPhone is just a phone,” “the Kindle is just a book” […]

Social Media: The Changing Nature of Influence

Yesterday, Saturday, I gave a presentation to the National Black MBA Association about how Social Media has changed our behavior as a society. The question isn’t “should we participate in social media,” but rather “how should we participate in social media.” Included is the video of the talk.

Another 2011 Prediction: The ongoing evolution of gaming

The gaming layer on top of our material world is expanding…didn’t you know?  Between Foursquare, SCVNGR, the evolution of GPS technology and the marketer’s never ending thirst for new opportunities, you can believe that more gaming will be built into our everyday experiences. Gaming is effective at causing people to take action.  Just imagine if […]

Viral Videos: Information, Education and How-to

What does it mean to say “go Viral” All week we’ve been throwing around this word viral. In truth, that word gets tossed around perhaps more than it should; not because it’s inaccurate or passe, but because the word viral conjures up a very specific mental image. Like this… Or this… Or even this… I […]

Viral Videos: OMG

Another type of video that is highly shareable are those that just amaze you, shock you or surprise you to the extent that all you can think is “who can I show this to?” Sometimes something just blows you away. You just have to share it with people. Often times this is something difficult to […]

Viral Videos: Weird for the sake of Weird

With all of the viral mania hitting the interwebs you, or your company, might be compelled to make something really weird because you think that is the sort of thing that catches on. In some cases, yes, it’s weird and somehow becomes shareable, hence popular and makes its way around the web. To illustrate, may […]

Viral Videos: Inspirational

All this week we’re looking at the properties of videos that are highly shareable. Yesterday we discussed one of the most popular kinds of videos, humorous ones or LOL. While LOL videos can be hit or miss, inspirational videos are often something that everyone can relate to and enjoy. This makes them the perfect type […]

Viral Videos: LOL

This week on Social Media Philanthropy we’ll talk about some traits of successful viral videos.  While a number of the uninformed think you can make something go viral, it is simply not the case. Many companies think that they can just make a weird video and people will share it.  Sometimes it works, most times […]

Blogging for a Rainy Day

I want to talk today about ideas, thinking and inspiration particularly within the context of blogging. Last night I watched a TED video.  For those of you that are unfamiliar, TED.com is a remarkable place on the web.  TED is a conference in which brilliant people from all walks of life, from any country, give […]

How to: Find a job using RSS Feed – Step by Step [Video]

Really Simple Syndication (RSS) I’m going to show you in this video how to create a job search dashboard using RSS. The idea is to reduce the amount of time you spend looking for jobs but increase the number of postings that you see.  The video is about 12 minutes long.  That’s a lot of […]

Passing it along: Social Media Revolution [Video]

I’ve been so busy lately that I haven’t really had the time to write a proper blog post.  I do want to contribute something valuable though.  So here is a video that I watch every now and again.  You may have seen it before but it’s a great video about social media and the impact […]

What does a kick flip have to do with content creation?

This is my first video post. Please pardon my constant shifting at the beginning of the video,  I was a little over-caffeinated and fidgety.  This video was inspired by a couple skaters that caught my attention. I posted this video on YouTube last night and it autoposted to my Tumblog which autoposted to Facebook and […]

The Power of Rebranding

There once was a time not too long ago where Old Spice reminded us of old men, it was what our grandfathers wore. But look at Old Spice now; their new branding has us laughing.  It’s young, it’s hip.  I find myself thinking that it smells different without having even smelled the new “High Endurance” fragrances. […]

Avatar: An Endorsement

I saw Avatar last night in IMAX 3D and as many before me have stated, the best word to describe it is EPIC.  Please, I am begging you to see it because if you miss it you will have missed a moment in history.  Avatar in IMAX 3D was one of the single greatest experiences […]

Video of the Day: NEW Avatar Trailer

You have to admire someone who waits 14 years for the technology to have progressed to a point where the idea can become a reality. Posted via email from To the Point…

Google Video: HostingYourParty

HAHAHAHA. Let me preface by saying that I think Windows 7 is a great operating system…but this commercial is awful. In fact, 99% of Microsoft’s commercials are terrible. This one in particular is just really, really bad.

myTouch 3G First Look

If there wasn’t such a thing as an iPhone, most of these Android phones would be pretty appealing right about now.

YouTube Video: Did You Know 4.0

I find this video incredibly interesting. I love the way technology is impacting our lives. I think it’s important to try to keep pace with all of this technology, because this is not a fad, it’s progess. The way we communicate is changing; it’s changing business, it’s changing the world.