Here’s an easy way for you to help someone get home for the holidays.

I came across an article today about something that Peter Shankman is doing with his influence: he’s helping some people come home for the holidays. In the original post from his blog Peter explains that he has acquired an unbelievable amount of airline miles from all of the travel that his work requires and he’s donating […]

What is your Lighthouse?

I think that the company of today needs to be in it for more than just the pursuit of profit; unless we expand the definition of profit to include customer loyalty, employee retention, valuable insights, increased speed of innovation, and the contribution to overall social welfare. A business that simply looks at the world in dollars […]

Don’t miss a chance to do something meaningful

Typically we spend a lot of our time donating ideas and opinions, and that is often the definition of our “philanthropy.” But one of the other big reasons that we started this blog was to highlight, promote and amplify causes that we think are worthwhile and important. We have worked hard to earn your attention […]

Are you leveraging your audience and influence for good? Read this.

What are we doing all of this for? Is our only purpose for collecting an audience to be popular and feed our ego? Is a business only concerned with its audience to the extent that it can sell products or services? Can’t we do better than obsessing over traffic, followers, likes and Klout scores? I […]

TurboTax, Operation Homefront Announce Mission2Match to Support U.S. Troops

As you know, one of the reasons why we started Social Media Philanthropy was to help give a voice to and amplify the reach for various causes and charities.  In some cases we highlight companies that are doing socially responsible things or sponsoring, participating or promoting activities that give back.  For this reason we are […]

BIG Movember Thank You

   I want to give a HUGE shout out to those that supported my Movember mustache-growth fundraiser. Thank you to the following people: Tejas Gosai Maryanne Gibbard Chris Martin Hyalker Amaral Jamie Goddard Surge Creative Group All in all my Movember team was able to raise over $2,000. While I hated having the mustache, the […]

Give wholeheartedly for this ridiculous thing on my face – Movember

STOP FOR A MOMENT… and look at this thing on my face.  My face is not well suited for a moustache.  However, in spite of that very obvious fact, I started growing one on November 1st.  Why?  Because it’s Movember. What is Movember? Movember is simultaneously the most effective and least enjoyable way to raise […]

An experiment in micro-donations, will you participate?

So what’s so great about the World Wide Web? I think there are a myriad of things that can be said about the internet.  Our unprecedented access to information, our ability to connect with one another, and of course LOLCats. But one of the things I find most amazing about the internet is that it allows […]

Philanthropy and its role on this blog

One of the early inspirations for this blog was the desire to help others. The tagline of my blog is “Generously donating ideas and opinions…you’re welcome.”  This is a play on words, as donating ideas is one form of my philanthropy.  Beyond having a platform to convey my ideas and educate my audience about issues […]


I spent six weeks in Japan in 2002. It was six of the greatest weeks of my life. I fell in love with so much of the country and its culture.  You can see a selection of photos I took while I was there in this album on Facebook. 2 weeks ago Japan was hit […]

Social Media Warning Labels: May cause dry mouth and privacy concerns

Social media may not actually cause dry mouth but it will almost undoubtedly cause you to have concerns over privacy at some point. Here are some examples of privacy concerns that I have heard from people in the past 3-4 months alone: How do you separate your personal life from your professional life? This one […]

A Brief Lesson on Micro-donations

Let’s start with some basic math: 10 * 100 = ? The answer is 1,000 OK, good. Now: 1 * 1,000 = ? You’re right it’s also 1,000. That’s the concept behind micro-fundraising. It’s easier to get a lot of people to contribute a small amount of money than it is to get a small […]

Philadelphia and Boston TweetDrives are tonight.

Tweetdrive Harrison Kratz (a guest blogger on this site), with the help of Kratz PR & Management, and volunteer teams across the nation have planned the first Holiday Tweet Drive. I’d like to tell you a little more about it and encourage you to come out tonight, bring an unwrapped toy and make a child’s […]

#hirefriday and #jobfriday – it just makes sense…

You may or may not have heard about #hirefriday. If I’m not mistaken, #hirefirday was started by Margo Rose with the intention of focusing on job seekers rather than job postings. Here’s the guidelines for hirefriday as written by Margo Rose. So if all goes well with HireFriday, job seekers will post information about themselves […]

Vote today and check out my guest post…

Aside from encouraging you to get out and vote today I have nothing else prepared. Well, technically that’s not true, I have posts on stand-by but instead of reading my blog, you should go out and vote. If you simply can’t live without my content or you’ve already voted you can go check out my […]

Vote tomorrow: November 2nd, 2010

I never talk religion or politics with friends or co-workers and I have no intention of bringing my politics to this blog. I do want to take this opportunity to encourage you to get out and vote tomorrow.  Don’t sit idely by and let others make the decision for you.  The direction of this country is […]

Big Change: Why the revolution is already being tweeted

I’ve read Malcolm Gladwell’s article Small Change: Why the revolution will not be tweeted.  If you click over and read it, be forewarned it’s LONG. He makes some good points in it, although I think the shorter, more concise, and less snobby version is a better read, thanks to Jason Falls of Social Media Explorer […]

Don’t Read This Post Unless You Want to Find a Job or Help Others

Social and (Job) Search(ing) Many of you have seen my post:  How to: Find a job using RSS Feed.  It’s available in a video walkthrough and originally as a text blog post. I feel that is one of the best posts I’ve ever put together because the value was clear; I want to help people […]

Who else wants to find a cure for Diabetes?

WE INTERRUPT THIS WEEK’S BLOG THEME OF SEO AND SOCIAL TO BRING YOU THIS IMPORTANT NEWS BULLETIN. I am walking in the American Diabetes Association Step Out: Walk to Fight Diabetes on Saturday, October 2nd.  I have set an exceptionally modest fundraising goal of $150 that I hope to CRUSH!  So here’s my request.  Stop […]

American Diabetes Association: Step Out Walk

Today I’d like to promote a cause that I personally feel very connected to: Diabetes.  While I am not Diabetic, given my family history, there is a very good chance that I will develop Diabetes at some point in my lifetime.  My mother is Diabetic and I’ve seen what a difficult disease it can be to […]

Verizon, Google and Net Neutrality – In Plain English

You’re wondering what the Google and Verizon agreement means to you.  You might not know what net neutrality is so let’s break it down simply: Net Neutrality allowed Google to be born. Net Neutrality allowed Twitter to be born. Net Neutrality allowed virtually every site you now know and love to exist.  Network Neutrality is […]

CitizenGulf National Day of Action – August 25th

Click on the picture to see all CitizenGulf events nationwide. The Gulf Oil Spill is a tragedy beyond my ability to even really comprehend.  It was 121 days before they plugged the 53,000 barrel per day leak. Not only is our ecosystem in the Gulf in turmoil but numerous families have been affecting.  So when Gloria […]

Philanthropy Week on Social Media Philanthropy

This week I’ve decided to use my blog to highlight some amazing causes that are coming up, primarily in the Philadelphia area.  I have several causes already lined up but I still have room for some others, so if you are involved with a cause or would like to get involved with one of the […]

McCain Wants to Block FCC’s Net Neutrality Rules

Just so everyone knows. McCain can say that this is about whatever he wants but ultimately it’s about having companies like Time Warner, Comcast, and AT&T make more money and hold control over the internet. Our government may not get everything right, but I personally trust them to keep the internet a more even playing […]