A Simplified Guide to Social Media Measurement.

Of the 5 main activities of Social Media, measurement is perhaps the least understood and most widely overlooked. Measuring your social media efforts is the only real way to determine what is working to drive real business value. Today, my friends, I bestow upon you a gift: a social media dashboard template for Google Analytics. […]

Have Goals: Stop Making Engagement Meaningless

There’s a serious problem out there, and it may be getting worse. In all the excitement and hype about social media, people have latched onto certain buzzwords and phrases so much that this “common knowledge” often falls outside the realm of questioning or further examination. Today, let’s look at the hallmark of overused, misunderstood and often […]

Social Influence: what it means and what it doesn’t mean

Yesterday, I got an email from Klout.  I was told that I had qualified for a perk because of my status as a “well-respected influencer.”  I tell you this, not to impress you, not to brag, but as you’ll see in a moment, to illustrate what a bullshit term “influence” has become on the web. […]

How we use Hootsuite Analytics in the sales process

Ready for a short and sweet blog post with a helpful tip? Good. Here we go… Good Persuasive Content For the sake of this post, let’s pretend you have some damn good content that your sales team uses to follow-up with prospects.  In the past you might’ve just attached the content to an email. Attachments […]

Here’s why we decided to stop wasting our time on Facebook.

We’re constantly assessing the impact our of various marketing channels. One thing has become painfully clear…Facebook is not worth the time and effort. Today I’m going to tell you why we decided to stop wasting time on Facebook. Profile vs Page To start, I have to be clear that my Facebook profile is great.  Though […]

Pay attention to the right numbers

One of the biggest frustrations running a Social Business Agency, is the obsession with the wrong numbers.  We see it all the time. We see our competitors talking about building a Twitter following.  We hear our prospects talking about getting more Facebook Likes. But if we play all of that out to the end, what […]

You’ll succeed with Social Media, when you learn to let go.

One of the things I’ve noticed as I use Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other social media sites, is that the less emotionally involved I am with the platform, the more effective I become.  I’ve said for several years now that in order to be successful on Twitter, you must stop thinking about Twitter. To me, […]

The Social Media ROI Discussion

  I don’t want to hear any of this “there’s no ROI in Social Media” nonsense anymore. I also don’t want any more creative uses of the acronym ROI just to get around the tough question.  Too many social media consultants are dancing around the question and they’re making us all look bad.  Stop using […]

3 Conversations I want to go away forever

These are three recurring conversations that I would love to never hear about again. Klout measures Social Influence. No, Klout measures Tweets, Retweets, Likes and other Social Interactions. It does not track whether or not any of those interactions resulted in someone taking a different action. It does not overlay that data with any website […]

Social Media: “It’s just a channel”

Today’s post is a reaction to the following video. The F-18 is “just a mode of transportation” The phrase “is just a…” bothers me when used to talk Social Media as a concept.  It’s like saying “Ferran Adrià is is just a cook,” “the iPhone is just a phone,” “the Kindle is just a book” […]

Truth is…maybe you’re not ready to be a Social Business

Truth is, some companies aren’t going to ever become a Social Business and may never succeed in Social Media.  Quite frankly, maybe some companies just don’t belong on Social Media.  Here’s why? They’re not going to succeed because they don’t “get it” That’s the BIGGEST reason. Not only DON’T they “get it,”they think they DO […]

Social Media and the Beauty of Process

Everything is Process When you think about it, virtually everything can be broken down into a process. By “process,” I mean the steps that lead to the conversion of one thing into another.  My blog is a process of converting ideas into words and publishing them online.  My business is a process of selling my […]

What social media blog posts can teach us about social media

I am the President of True Voice Media, a Social Media Agency in Philadelphia.  I work in social media.  I associate with other social media professionals on Twitter, Google+, Facebook and other networks.  I’m a member of Social Media Club Philadelphia.  I blog about social media, I speak about social media.  I spend a lot […]

Will this phone call increase my Klout score?

It’s time to address a problem that is rapidly growing out of control: The Klout Problem Recently, I’ve been seeing more and more articles talking about Klout.  People exclaiming how important it is, how it is bringing efficiency to PR and other professions, how you should be REALLY concerned.  These Kloutheads make the claim that […]

Social Media Warning Labels: It’s not “just another channel…”

Numerous skeptics and cynics want to reduce Social Media sites to “just another channel.”  They will say things like”don’t buy into the hype,” “it’s no big deal” and “it’s just a passing fad.” I’ll agree with “don’t buy into the hype.”  Forget the hype.  Sit down and think about how social media is different. Understand […]

Social Media: The Changing Nature of Influence

Yesterday, Saturday, I gave a presentation to the National Black MBA Association about how Social Media has changed our behavior as a society. The question isn’t “should we participate in social media,” but rather “how should we participate in social media.” Included is the video of the talk.

A call for new case studies

So you spent last year trying to convince your management team that “social media is where it’s at.”  You made some strong points.  You got a few people on Twitter, maybe someone is running your facebook page and that blog is still “on its way.”  How do you kick everything into high gear?  With case […]

The 15 Most Important Resources for Social Media Professionals

I’ve been off the blogosphere this week due to a nasty battle with some form of the flu. So since I’m just getting myself back into the flow of things I thought I do a post highlighting other people’s work. Here you have it, the 15 most important resources for Social Media professionals: How To […]