The Last Post: Social Media Philanthropy

So here it is, without warning, the last post on Social Media Philanthropy. For 3 years now (since I started True Voice Media) I’ve tried to figure out how this blog fits. Trying to maintain this blog AND the company blog (in addition to all of my other sites and properties) is proving to be too much. […]

Conversations #7: Jamie Goddard – How to be an Intrapreneuer

Jamie Goddard is a fascinating individual. Part Entrepreneur / Part Intrapreneur, he simultaneously runs his own company, and works for GlaxoSmithKline. I’ve always been fascinated by people who can work effectively inside of a company, especially because I have so much difficulty in scenarios where I’m not the boss. Jamie set aside some time to […]

Facebook decreases organic page reach…here’s the opportunity

Recently, it came out that Facebook plans to decrease the organic reach of Facebook pages in an effort to boost ad revenue.  They say it’s to improve the experience in the newsfeed, but let’s not kid ourselves, this is about ad revenue. Even though a brand may have spent hundreds or thousands of dollars to acquire […]

We will be back in a moment…

You may or may not have noticed that this blog has been less active than normal. While I am committed to having this blog stay active and consistent, I just haven’t been able to keep up lately. Here’s the bad news: Aside from client work and closing out the year for the agency, I’m currently overextended […]

Here’s an easy way for you to help someone get home for the holidays.

I came across an article today about something that Peter Shankman is doing with his influence: he’s helping some people come home for the holidays. In the original post from his blog Peter explains that he has acquired an unbelievable amount of airline miles from all of the travel that his work requires and he’s donating […]

3 Reasons I Changed My Tune About Spotify Premium

One of the most popular posts on this blog is one that I wrote about Spotify called “3 Reasons Why I Cancelled my Spotify Premium after the Trial Period.”  That was written in October 2011 and to this day remains the most visited post on the blog.  2 years later I’d like to change my […]

A Simplified Guide to Social Media Measurement.

Of the 5 main activities of Social Media, measurement is perhaps the least understood and most widely overlooked. Measuring your social media efforts is the only real way to determine what is working to drive real business value. Today, my friends, I bestow upon you a gift: a social media dashboard template for Google Analytics. […]

Have Goals: Stop Making Engagement Meaningless

There’s a serious problem out there, and it may be getting worse. In all the excitement and hype about social media, people have latched onto certain buzzwords and phrases so much that this “common knowledge” often falls outside the realm of questioning or further examination. Today, let’s look at the hallmark of overused, misunderstood and often […]

Here’s why it’s time to start playing more games at work

Relatively few companies have explored the use of games in business environments.  It’s rare for companies to take gaming seriously as games are often only thought of in the context of “productivity killing” applications like Farmville and Angry Birds. Let’s focus on two reasons why games can work in business: Games make work more fun and […]

A rant about five things social networks are doing that piss me off

This morning I opened up my Instagram app on my iPhone and a video started playing automatically.  I thought to myself “oh, great, that setting must’ve somehow reset, I’ll go back in and shut that off.” However, to my dismay, turning off the autoplay is NO LONGER AN OPTION.  This triggered a wave of frustration […]

Who or what inspires you?

“Content Marketing” is undoubtedly the buzz phrase of 2013; everything is about content now.  In the midst of this push to create content the same resistance, objections, and insecurities keep coming up. “I don’t know what to say” “No one cares what I have to say” “I need to create more content, but I don’t […]

Context can actually change the world, but it likely won’t

*Author’s note: I promise this isn’t just another post about things I don’t like about Facebook.  I think context is a fascinating discussion and I would love it if you read this entire post and provided your thoughts. Sometime in 2010, Facebook introduced the open graph protocol which enabled the construction of new buttons comparable […]

Conversations #4: Marcus Nelson – One of the Biggest Addvocates in Social Business

Episode #4 is rockin’! I had the distinct pleasure of getting Marcus Nelson, CEO of, to set aside about 30 minutes to talk with me about some things. We talked about the status of conferences (specifically social media ones), employee engagement, employee advocacy, social business, and some other stuff…I don’t even remember it all, […]

Dear Chipotle, thank you for showing us how to do it right!

The social web is full of garbage (much like a lot of our diet in this country).  Too many companies post nonsense to keep a small slice of our attention.  We see cat memes, “hump day” reposts from some ecards, and loads of meaningless holiday status updates.  There’s an ongoing quest for constant small social […]

What’s more important? Brands or People?

One of the remarkable things I’ve noticed about the discourse surrounding social media is that it is heavily focused on brands over people.  And by brands, I don’t mean the collection of individuals inside and outside the company who’s actions and opinions determine how others perceive the entity…no I mean faceless logos that are supposed […]

Can I have your attention…for just a moment?

Attention…think about that concept for just a second; we’re not making any more of it. There are still only 24 hours in a day, and of that, we’re only awake for a certain number of hours, typically between 9-14 hours.  During that time we have things to do besides social media: work, family, eating, etc. […]

Key Takeaways – Your Employees Are Essential

I just got back from two days in Dallas at the Social Media Strategies Summit hosted by GSMi. I had the privilege of speaking on both days; a presentation + workshop  on Tuesday about Content Strategy, and a presentation on Inbound Marketing on Wednesday.  Outside of the time I was presenting I was able to attend […]

Advice to Marketers: How to stop ruining Social Media

Yesterday I was browsing my Facebook newsfeed and immediately noticed that it was cluttered with about 90% brand pages.  I didn’t see anything from my close friends, I didn’t see anything from my team, my partners, or my clients.  All I saw was a bunch of MARKETING.  I saw attempt-after-attempt to “engage me.” All I […]

What is your Lighthouse?

I think that the company of today needs to be in it for more than just the pursuit of profit; unless we expand the definition of profit to include customer loyalty, employee retention, valuable insights, increased speed of innovation, and the contribution to overall social welfare. A business that simply looks at the world in dollars […]

What’s the key to Social Business adoption?

Social Business is far more complex than Social Media Marketing.  Social Media Marketing can be handled by a single department, all of whom have some experience with the art of communications (hopefully). Marketing departments are used to thinking about communications holistically. They are keenly aware that: Someone could be offended by a campaign; a marketing […]

Don’t miss a chance to do something meaningful

Typically we spend a lot of our time donating ideas and opinions, and that is often the definition of our “philanthropy.” But one of the other big reasons that we started this blog was to highlight, promote and amplify causes that we think are worthwhile and important. We have worked hard to earn your attention […]

This is my blog, these are my thoughts

This is my blog. There are many like it, but this one is mine. My blog is my best marketing asset…I must master it as I master my life. This is not the only social business and social media marketing blog on the internet…far from it. But this blog is ours, and each and every […]

Social Media: Choosing the right network

Choosing the right network isn’t about putting Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Instagram into a hat and picking out all 5. The right network isn’t necessarily the one that is the most popular right now. The right network is the one where your customers or influencers are. The right network is the one where customers […]

15 minutes of fame…6 seconds at a time.

Let’s ignore the Vine -vs- Instagram rivalry for a moment and focus on what Vine actually represents. The Vine Phenomenon Twitter acquired Vine, a 6 second mobile video application, in October 2012, and debuted the app on the iPhone in January 2013.  For anyone that has missed 2013 so far, Vine is one of the […]

Social Business? Ain’t nobody got time for that!

So, you’re a business owner and all you keep hearing is Social Media this, and Social Media that.  But you’ve got stuff to do. You’ve got orders to fill. You’ve got paperwork to do. You need to call your vendors. You need to call your mother…on your lunch break. There so much to do, who […]

Conversations #2: Ben LeDonni – An Open Source Chat with “He-Don”

Today’s podcast is the second episode in our conversations segment.  I talk with Ben LeDonni, owner/founder of CreativeMMS. We talk about Superheroes, open source technology, the “appification” of the web, web design trends, the post PC era, the second screen and more…  Sit back, throw on those headphones and get your learn on.

Conversations #1: Lynette Young – From one to another

This is the first episode of our Conversations series. Conversations is all about talking with real people, doing real work that I really want to ask questions.  These are people who have opinions, and expertise worth listening to and my approach is to ask them things I genuinely want to know their perspective about. Today’s […]

How do you handle negative comments on social media sites

Today’s episode is our first real Social Media Philanthropy Podcast episode (since the last one was just a welcome episode).  Today I’ll go over how to deal with negative comments online. I’ll be covering: 2 different types of negative comments Listening Responding Putting out fires Enjoy Episode 1.

Introducing the Social Media Philanthropy Podcast

This is the welcome episode of the Social Media Philanthropy Podcast.  Many of our readers are busy people, constantly on the move, so we decided to create this podcast so you can listen rather than read.  We’re also using this podcast to launch something we’re calling “Social Media Philanthropy Conversations” where I (Jeff Gibbard) get […]

2 suggestions for recent grads looking for a career in social media

I get questions all the time from friends, parents, clients and our readers about how recent graduates can start a careers in Social Media. For the purpose of this blog post we’ll assume that most people mean mean Social Media Marketing when they use the words “Social Media.” We’ll start here: (For email subscribers: If […]

How to get the best Facebook privacy settings

There are hundreds of posts about how to optimize your Facebook privacy settings.  Every single day there are stories about people sharing something they didn’t intend to. This post is going to provide the absolute BEST possible advice about how to ensure that you maintain your privacy on Facebook.

A Simple Experiment About Influence. Will You Participate?

Today I want to conduct a simple experiment about influence.  You are my participants. The Complexity of Influence Many companies want to reach influencers because they believe that these individuals are capable of moving mountains.  One good review from an influencer, and sales should spike, right? But it’s not so simple is it?  Influence can mean […]

Social Influence: what it means and what it doesn’t mean

Yesterday, I got an email from Klout.  I was told that I had qualified for a perk because of my status as a “well-respected influencer.”  I tell you this, not to impress you, not to brag, but as you’ll see in a moment, to illustrate what a bullshit term “influence” has become on the web. […]

Lazy by choice, or by force?

I think there is a real danger in the algorithmification of our world.  Yes, the introduction of intelligence into our tools is, for the most part, a good thing.  However in some cases, I feel that letting the machines do the work for us is counter-productive to progress. Take for example the destruction of one […]

When is it time to take Social Media off “the back burner”?

  Some businesses are putting social media on the back burner.  The world has undeniably changed and it continues to change at a rapid pace.  I would contend that it is a bad idea to wait any longer. So, today, I’m going to provide several things that can be setup in under 2 hours (and […]

Want to earn your audience’s attention? Here is your competition.

Most companies get into social media with pipe dreams of earned attention.  The desired end result could be summed up in Mark Twain’s Tom Sawyer: “Every eye fixed itself upon him; with parted lips and bated breath the audience hung upon his words, taking no note of time, rapt in the ghastly fascinations of the […]

A Social Business starts at home.

Everyone wants to talk about social media maketing and the conversation always revolves around content, or engagement.  I’m shocked that we don’t hear more about the steps it takes to get those things? Who is creating that content? Who is engaging those people? Give up? It’s your employees! They are the ones who are going […]

We don’t need more hammers, we need better carpenters.

Remember… when email first came out, and you were so excited to get an email from someone you know? Then companies got a hold of email as a marketing tool, and now your inbox is full of shit.  Email has been around “forever” and most companies still don’t know how to use it effectively.  Yet […]

The Splintering Social Web – Competition and Audience Fragmentation.

With the release of Instagram video, it’s clear that this rollercoaster is still going. You see, something nice about email is that everybody has it.  It doesn’t matter if I use Gmail and , for some reason, you use AOL, the email gets through.  It’s universal. Social Media on the other hand creates pockets of communication, […]

Want to know what Facebook will release next? Just ask Twitter.

First it was the newsfeed. (which Twitter pioneered) Then it was the push towards being more open and public. (like Twitter) Then it was a subscribe button, which then changed to a follow button (like Twitter) Then it was lists. (like Twitter…and Google+) Then it was interest lists (to mimic the interest graph, that Twitter […]

Here’s what you think you want

You think you want thousands of likes on your Facebook page. You think you want everyone to know your name. You think you want your audience to be obsessively engaged with you, hanging on every word you write, resharing every picture you post. You think you want everyone’s attention…you think you want to go viral. […]