How do you handle negative comments on social media sites

Today’s episode is our first real Social Media Philanthropy Podcast episode (since the last one was just a welcome episode).  Today I’ll go over how to deal with negative comments online.

I’ll be covering:

  • 2 different types of negative comments
  • Listening
  • Responding
  • Putting out fires

Enjoy Episode 1.

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  • Karen Ebbert

    Glad you posted this. I get negative comments in my Facebook Groups (not the Business of Being Social). Like the 3 “A”s approach it goes back to good old fashion good customer service. Also, as my grandmom used to say, “‘You can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar’

  • Jeff Gibbard

    Thanks Karen. Not a bad first podcast episode?

  • Karen Ebbert

    Not at all , it was so good that I remembered it so that I could pass it on to someone else…and listened to it again.

  • Jeff Gibbard

    Thanks Karen! Feel free to share anything from this blog that you want :)