Introducing the Social Media Philanthropy Podcast

This is the welcome episode of the Social Media Philanthropy Podcast.  Many of our readers are busy people, constantly on the move, so we decided to create this podcast so you can listen rather than read.  We’re also using this podcast to launch something we’re calling “Social Media Philanthropy Conversations” where I (Jeff Gibbard) get a chance to talk to some remarkable people from all walks of life, and ask them some of the burning questions that have been on my mind.  So many times I have conversations with people that are just fascinating and I think to myself “I wish I’d recorded that to share with the world.”

So I hope you’ll subscribe.  We’re still waiting on getting back the approval from iTunes and Stitcher.  In the meantime, you can subscribe via RSS below.


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  • Drew Griffin

    Congrats on the Podcast. Good luck on the submission. Will give a listen this evening!