Don’t Read This Post Unless You Want to Find a Job or Help Others

Social and (Job) Search(ing)

Many of you have seen my post:  How to: Find a job using RSS Feed.  It’s available in a video walkthrough and originally as a text blog post.

I feel that is one of the best posts I’ve ever put together because the value was clear; I want to help people find a job, easier and more efficiently.  So the next step for me is building on that and making it even more valuable.  I’ve set up a new page on my blog dedicated to helping people find jobs…just in time for #hirefriday.

Social Good

A blog is a social meeting ground where writers convey thoughts and readers add their comments to build the conversation. Social is built upon dialogues and sharing.  Social has given us the ability to help each other in profound ways from opening up our networks to our network on LinkedIn to sharing content in real time over Twitter.

Social helped me spread my message on wednesday about my fundraising efforts for the ADA Step Out: Walk to Fight Diabetes.  I raised enough money to beat my original fundraising goal in about 2 hours.  I wasn’t all through big donations, though some people made sizable contributions, a lot of it was through $5, $10 and $25 donations.

The power of social is instead of having 3 people carrying 100 lbs, we get 300 people to each carry 1lb.  Either way we get it accomplished, we just have more hands helping out.

The Big Possibility

Do I think that my new job page is going to solve our country’s unemployment woes?  No.

Do I expect that it will help someone?  Absolutely, it already has.

What I’m getting at here is that I’m just one person with a blog, setting aside one tab devoted to helping people find work in an economy that seems uninterested with rebounding quickly.  What makes this powerful is not me standing alone in a corner of the web but you reading this sharing the idea, or creating your own page that does something to help someone find work.

My New Job Page

I’ve embed the video walkthrough of how to build my RSS Job Hunting system.

I’ve added links to download everything you need to build it.

I’ve added a page that has RSS feeds for several different job categories pulling job searches from, and to begin with.  This eliminates a large portion of building the system, I’ve done some leg work for you and I’ll be adding new searches on Fridays based upon what types of job feeds people request.

And finally, I’ve added The Social Media Philanthropy Job Board.  This is a blog created on a subdomain: that I will be posting jobs that people in my network tell me that they have available.  I will only be posting jobs that have a direct connection to the Social Media Philanthropy network.  People helping people, nothing anonymous, if you see a job there, I know the person hiring.

I have plans of creating an anonymous “Looking for Work” page.  This is where people in my network can anonymously post the type of work they are looking for and employers can search through available candidates.

This is how I’m helping.

You can share, create your own page or tell me about a job you need filled.


I know I wrote on my editorial calendar that this week would be all about Search and Social Media but, I have to posts about Search and Social Media that are running a bit behind schedule. I have a guest post from Jed Singer, of Socialight Media that I only got a chance to talk to him last night about, so stay tuned for his keen insights.  I also have an interview scheduled with Wil Reynolds, Founder of SEER Interactive, a phenomenal SEO/SEM Firm in Philadelphia.  His perspective on the future of search and how relevant social is will surely be one you won’t want to miss.