American Diabetes Association: Step Out Walk

Step Out: Walk to Fight Diabetes: Step Out: Walk to Fight Diabetes

Today I’d like to promote a cause that I personally feel very connected to: Diabetes.  While I am not Diabetic, given my family history, there is a very good chance that I will develop Diabetes at some point in my lifetime.  My mother is Diabetic and I’ve seen what a difficult disease it can be to manage.  Today I’m asking that you all get involved with the American Diabetes Association Step Out Walk.  There are walks all over the country, click here to find out more about walks near you.  As for me, I am walking with my company, Devine + Powers in the Philadelphia Step Out Walk.  The goal of the Philadelphia walk is $525,000.  The walks are generally 2-6 miles.  You can create your own team, join a team or simply donate to the cause.

Full Disclosure: The American Diabetes Association is a client of Devine + Powers…BUT, this blog post has little to do with that fact, I support numerous causes but virtually none hit as close to home as this one, whether they were a client or not, this blog post would be getting written.  I just want to be transparent that they are a client.

Here’s how you can get involved:

Register your own team, click the button. Step Out: Walk to Fight Diabetes: Register to Step Out!

Help the Devine + Powers team: Join our team or Support our team.


I’ve been blogging all this week about various causes to get involved in.  There are events talking place all over this country that need the support of people like you.  If Diabetes isn’t your thing, that’s fine, pick something else I’ve blogged about this week.  Each one is an opportunity to help someone out.  Get involved.  Thanks to everyone who has gotten involved this week.  If this is the first post you’ve read on my blog this week, I hope you’ll go back through this week and see the other causes I’ve blogged about.